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  • Portland launches new app to help drivers pay for parking

    Parking can be a hassle; parking meters can be an even bigger one. No one likes playing guessing games when it comes to how much time you need. You don’t want to run out of time and need to run back out to the meter. You also don’t want to waste money on time you […]

  • Property Rounds: Downtowns seek a balance on parking

    Parking availability is certainly a balancing act. Ample parking is no good. Not enough parking means businesses are booming, the local area is thriving and the market is hot. Unfortunately, we don’t all think with a business cap on. If parking is too hard to come by people get frustrated. They will lose interest in […]

  • Virginia Beach proposes parking garage across from arena

    Parking can be a touchy subject these days, especially if you live in a city lacking it. Virginia Beach finds themselves in a predicament over a proposal for a new parking garage. “A massive parking garage has been proposed for close to the Oceanfront, but some City Council members are concerned about how it will be paid for and said the […]